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The Underwater Salon “Lokhmatiy Kashalot” is a company specializing in diving. The company was established in 2000 and is situated in Moscow, the Russian Federation


We have several specialized divisions within our company:


Our Underwater Equipment Store offers a wide variety of dive equipment and books,

magazines and video about diving. It is one of the largest and most popular and visited

stores for diving in Moscow. We also have an internet-shop.


Our Service Center provides planned maintenance and repair of diving equipment.


Our Rental Service gives you an opportunity to rent equipment for diving.


In our Dive Restaurant you will find a great variety of dishes. The restaurant design creates unique atmosphere of the underwater world. This place often brings diving lovers together and regular Club parties are held here. 


Our Dive Center’s instructors are happy to teach everybody who wishes to become divers and pay individual attention to all comers. Groups of our students are accompanied by our instructors while group tours to world dive destinations operated by our own Travel Department.


Our Travel Department specializes in dive tours and offers the best world dive sites starting from commonly known to the most exclusive ones. We develop new tourist destinations and itineraries all over the world. Jungle tours, rafting, trekking, fly-and-drive tours can also be part of your travel. We develop group and individual tours.

We also organize diving liveaboards and book safari boats for our clients directly from the fleets we already work with. We are always interested in new destinations and possibilities for our clients and willing to establish new business contacts.

Our Travel Department is open for cooperation and interested in a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship with dive-centers, shipowners and tour operators from all over the world.



We welcome any and all interest and feedback regarding our company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on:


The Underwater Salon “Lokhmatiy Kashalot”

50A Leninskiy Prospect, Moscow 119333 Russia

Tel/fax: + 7 (495) 995 25 19, + 7 (495) 995 25 18


e-mail: exotic@kashalot.ru


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